The first thing, that I thought, when I entered Asturias was: ” Ah that’s where the milk from the supermarkets is from”. To describe it a little better: The countryside is lush green, the towns have beautiful, old centers and the surf is empty. The people are very friendly, but this is the place where I had to learn spanish quickly. Don’t worry about the language barrier, in case just say “balle” (pronounce like “valle” and say it as much as possible). While we’re at pronouncing things the “LL” is pronounced like a “J”.

For more general information about surfing and living in a car in spain head over to the Introduction Page: The Atlantic Coast.


One of the prettiest villages I’ve ever been, it is practically glued into a hill. Beautiful but parking at that angle was traumatic experience.


    Close along the highway leading west this fusion of fishing village meets romantic high society comes up. While offering every souvenir tourists need, small alleys to explore the architecture, it also has a decent surf break. If you’re driving on the highway and need a break, I would definitely recommend to stroll for an hour or two.


      Playa de Silencio

      A cool stopping point on the way without surf, but with very interesting stone formations in the water. A little bit how I imagine Icebergs washing a shore in Greenland.


        This spot is perfect to be get back in touch with nature. The cliffs frame a dark sandy beach, which is backed by a pine forest where a beautiful campsite sits with a café / bar that provides coffee, WiFi and good music. The surfspot is a point break and some sandbanks work as well.


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