If Galicia doesn’t sound spanish to you, well done! It got his name from Celtics, who lived in this area a while ago. I’ve spent a couple of weeks here but, as it has such a variety of gorgeous places to visit and stories to get to know, I could only scratch the surface. Coming to Galicia gave me space to breath, get away from the crowds and the feeling of adventure, while exploring the coast line.

For more general information about surfing and living in a car in Spain head over to the Introduction Page: The Atlantic Coast.

Praia Das Catedrais

Not as hyped as the 12 Apostels in Australia, but similar stunning to see. Go there at low tide to discover the craziness of what earth has formed over centuries in its full beauty.


PraIa de Ponzos

We had a double rainbow, so how could I not recommend it. Everything about this place stunned me, the rough sea, the surrounding nature and the loving van people hanging out when I was there.

Basilica San MArtino

Known to be the oldest Basilica in Spain, it has a small museum to explain its history, even though the stones of the building already speak their own language.



Comparing the quality of surf with anything east it should be 10x more crowded. Relaxed atmosphere in the beach parking. Sadly it was not the best weather, so I can’t trump with a picture of the beach.


Ferrol is nice, but it is big enough to look very similar to most cities on the coast. But make sure to roam through the Castelo St. Felipe from the 16. century. It is one of my personal favourites, because you can walk through it freely, explore every nook and see amazing views of the surrounding area.


A Coruña

When I was on this trip for the first time, it was our slow-paced goal to make it to A Coruña. In the end I can say it was nice to walk through this town, explore the sights, but it was very touristy and didn’t give me that feeling of freedom, that I got in the rest of Galicia.

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1 year Revision

I’ve been writing this blog every other week for one year, so it’s time to revisit my goal with this platform.

One year ago, I had just gotten into the topic of communal living on a greater scheme than a flat share. My primary motivation for starting my own project, was that there are almost no recources on communal living out there, that describe the personal experiences from people and real life evaluations on how to make it work. Just a page, that tells you whether or not it’s cool to be there.

At the time I was living in my first self converted car, travelling between France and Spain, I went surfing every day, was inspired by people on the way, that were choosing to live life outside a 9 to 5 job. So I wrote about them as well.

When winter arrived in Europe I flew to Latinamerica with an open end ticket. Next to spanish, I learned amazing, but also cruel things from the people and their history in Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia. I got by, by creating websites for small business or working for food and accomodation along the way and wasn’t planning on stopping the trip any time soon.

Then Corona started in March, and along with most peoples lives, mine changed as well. Feeling grateful for the ability to do so, I flew back to Germany, to safety, health care and my home. Upon arriving I needed to figure out what to do all over again.

I knew that I want to be by the seaside to surf, the one thing Germany can’t offer. And that I want to continue to put myself to new environments, while keeping Infectionrates in mind and not sit in crowded buses all the time. I knew that I needed to continue to work on my computer and pick up my studies of IT again, so I looked for a car with standing height to build a home on the road.

In July I started my van conversion process with no prior knowledge of the topic and a severe underestimate of the time it was going to take me. Now it is mid September and the build is slowly coming to an end. I’m finally able to make a list of the things, that need to get done, with out writing a entire bullet point book.

But as my time and mind and also my dreams ( I once dreamt that I had a specific hinge, that I have never owned) were consumed by the van conversion, I strained further from my original goal of making communities more accesible by writing about it and sparking conversations around them and introducing interesting life concepts and inspiring people.

This week I had planned to post a video on building and a sliding bed (which is really cool), but as I was cutting the video, I realized, that this is not what I want to be on this blog, but it’s on my youtube channel where I’ll continue to update you on my van covnersion.

And even though we all have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé, I’m realizing that I don’t have the time to post bi-weekly at the moment. However, as soon as I’m back on the road, I’m planning pick up the digital pen again.

Have a nice weekend and stay hydrated,


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Floor & Insulation

Today I would love to publish a post about surfing and community, but I’m still in the progress of manifesting what I’m dreaming of: Living in my van full time, working online and surfing everyday, preferably in Portugal.

So far, the floor and the insulation are installed and the video is ‘fresh out of the press’. Please enjoy!

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The Great Van Unshelving

So, you might have read which van I bought and why, or you might have read what I’m planning as my layout, but here comes the unpolished truth of starting the van conversion and getting out the orignial shelving of my DHL Truck:

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Preparing for Vanlife

Already 1 month ago I bought a beautiful DHL Truck. This Box Van has 6.5 m2 floor space, so plenty for a millenial that lives

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Surfskating in Friedrichshain, Berlin

But, as a Berliner, I decided to check out some more place in Friedrichshain, the suburb I used to go to school to, with my Surfskate and shoot an homage to the ‘Plattenbauromantik’, ‘Zuckerbauten’ and of course it can’t be missed: the ‘Tram’.

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