Surfskating in Treptow, Berlin

Surfskating in Treptow, Berlin

Treptow is my home base in Berlin. I’ve been coming back to this place from travelling for over 20 years now. 

Treptow combines work and party in a way more healthy way than Kreuzberg for example, with loads of office spaces combined with green forests and blue lakes. To show some of the beauty of the area here is another Surfskate Shoot. I love the area, but it isn’t made for skating. The streets are either 100 year old cobblestone or feel like a bunch of 4 years olds did a puzzle together. Also in the loving Berlin style the car drivers aren’t shy to show, how much they dislike you. The people, aside from car drivers are as nice as they get in Berlin, so not very, but I like to get a brutally honest opinion sometimes. 

But anyways here is the place I feel most at home in the world: Treptow! 

Thank you so much to Milan and Tamboly for shooting the pictures!

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