Surfskating in Friedrichshain, Berlin

Surfskating in Friedrichshain, Berlin

I miss surfing everyday. And in order to combat that longing of the typical surfer landlocked in Berlin, I started to skate on a Smoothstar 2 years ago. Even though it is not the same as surfing, it makes me smile everytime I do it. If you’d like to give surfskating a try, check out my Surfclub SurfersConnectionBerlin or contact me. For me, the hands-down best place to practice surfskating is the Tempelhofer Feld. But, as a Berliner, I decided to check up on some places in Friedrichshain, the district I used to go to school to, with my Surfskate and shoot an homage to the ‘Plattenbauromantik’, ‘Zuckerbauten’ and of course it can’t be missed: the ‘Tram’. 

Photography: Milan


1 thought on “Surfskating in Friedrichshain, Berlin

  1. Hey Kalina,

    my friend and I would like to try surfskating in Berlin this weekend, perferably on Saturday. Do you offer courses/workshops and how much does it cost?

    I´m looking forward to your answer.

    Best regards
    Sigi 🙂

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